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Submitted on
July 11, 2013


21,025 (1 today)
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:bulletred:Creative Challenge #1 - Clean
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #2 - Christmas
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #3 - Gateway
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #4 - Cold 
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #5 - Scotland
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #6 - Froud Fae
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #7 - Daenerys 
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #8 - Link
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #9 - Secret
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #10 - Paper 
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #11 - Cardinal 
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #12 - Doorway 
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #13 - Dark Jazz 
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #14 - WTF 
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #15 - Waterfall 
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #16 - Pressed Fairy 
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #17 - Perspective
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #18 - Kilmainham
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #19 - Pendant
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #20 - Winter
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #21 - Lure
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #22 - Valentine
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #23 - Lighting
:bulletred:Creative Challenge #24  - Erisa

Challenge #25 -  Victoriana

*new* Hi guys, I'll be collecting all the entries and choosing finalists tomorrow morning. still a few hours left to submit your entry*

Victoriana by faestock
Two weeks from today = Wednesday, July 26th Australian date
winners will be announced the following week.

Every entry (all mediums) is accepted as long as its based on the original image. 
To enter just leave a comment on this journal, with a link to your artwork on DeviantArt.
You can enter as many times as you like.

every fortnight there will be 10 chances to get a little somethin' somethin'.

:bulletred:My Favourite
1 month Premium Membership
100 points
a feature

:bulletred: Watchers favourite (chosen by you! via a poll)
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The other 8 entrants will receive 100 points and a feature each.

Rainbow Paradise by tylockwood  The Proposal by LordLollypop  Fae Stock - Challenge #25 -  Victoriana by Alternate-LivesLost in the Dead Wood by annemaria48  Victoriana and Her Dragons by tylockwood  Crow Hunter by tylockwood  Victoriana by MBHenriksen Photo shoot by kclemas   A Victorian Idyll by Slimdandy
M I S T R E S S - O F - T H E - N I G H T by blackbettyes Victoria #1 by PadmaPhala  Vicarious by kclemas
  Rose beauty by annemaria48  Relaxed by annemaria48  Summer beauty by annemaria48  Fae-in-wonderland by TL-Designz
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Lady Rose by Reverie-digitalart  Black widow by kit7en    Jessi2-Creative Art Challenge #25 - Victoriana by Cheeech  La Condesa by mi-eterna-primavera
visitor. by neilfabro  My Dear Nemesis by BlackShiya    Jessi-Creative Art Challenge #25 - Victoriana by Cheeech   
 Victoriana by Portizpjo  Beautiful Autumn by areemus  Maybe in  another time by designdiva3 Heart Like a Queen by gcallus
Unforgettable by Miss-deviantE  Gefangen im goldenen Kaefig by Lanza2  <da:thumb id="387032128"/>  The Heir of Pendragon by theWitchofGrich  Rendezvous by doclicio
<da:thumb id="386862252"/>  Taking the evening air by jeanmaryanne  The Water House by KateBloomfield The carriage by zeiruch
Loving a Painting by Ravenshymn Victoriana by saritaangel07  Stand My Ground by Lub-Ad  Nice Night For A Bite by BratLittlePrincess  Onoskelis by Sakura060277
Victorian Winter by MarieSenda  Jessica Collection v2 - Queen Victoria by theartofdarrenvannoy  Beauty near the water by HayleyGuinevere  Faestock Manor + Tips + Links by DraakeT by DraakeT
Desperation by lorenzArts  Victoriana _faestock challenge by ZedLord-Art  We're All Mad Here by Shaunisbacknow  Where is my love by MarkOoMarben 
Victoriana faestock gothic ballroom by ffskip ...Blood Moon... by Lady-Lilith666 new me by naradjou14  Rose and Black by Skategirl  Fairy Tale by annemaria48
The ReturnThe Return
The conversation stopped as Miss Cavendish swept into the garden.  Relishing the attention, she stopped on the landing with a flourish of her dress and glared at the crowd.  It was Melanie, the host, who first went up to speak to her.
“Dear Cousin,” Melanie said.  “I was not aware you had been released from the Sanitarium--”
“The Sanitarium you sent me to,” Miss Cavendish said.  “I appears that you missed a payment since they turned me out.”
“It was for your own good--” Melanie started.
“My own good or yours,” Miss Cavendish said.  “I see you have not let the garden go unattended while I was attached to the Babbage Engines as they tried to crack my mind, making me into little more than the steam-powered automata that you have attending your guests.”
“Dear Cousin,” Melanie said, with a hint of anger.  “Lower your voice.”
“Or th
  Lady of the Manor by slight-art-obsession  Daguerre's Oculomechanical by Lugal  Autumn Breeze by itznikki530
<da:thumb id="386385228"/>  <da:thumb id="386107404"/>  Until She Locked Her Heart Away by ajnataya  A Walk Under the Snow by NathanielGraphic  From the bottom of my heart by Nania-D-Vann
<da:thumb id="385947012"/>  Victoriana (study) by Silberius  When Love Beckons by alkab-art  fantasia ver3 by kennykhh Poisoned Land by l-a-ll-o
Fae Stock - Challenge #25 -  Victoriana - entry 2 by Alternate-Lives  A-taste-of-blood by Cheeech  Lost Memories by geoxkafred  fantasia ver2 by kennykhh
Jess T by kclemas   Victorian Railroad Station by lumpi69  Oust From Heaven Of Dark Victoria by mythpander  + Midnight on the Moor + by Bohemiart
SteamPunk Queen by Potion-Master  And I'm hungry like the wolf by DrinkingMidnightWine  walking alone by soosajud  Time Traveler by Jezzy-Art  Victoriana by Fotomonta
Victorian by OfficialSilky  Tree Of Victory by Sun-Bliss  Searching by debzdezigns-lamb68  Jessica Truscott by LordNicax  Victorian by vergonozo  Victorian Apparition by KYghost Victoriana Photostock Challenge by LifesaRunway Jorinde by tinca2  Victorian2 by vergonozo  A moment in the dance by MoonFey
The Water House by KateBloomfield  Chased by Anarielhime  Doctor Who: The Snowmen by ADamselinDesign Guardian of Oceans by tylockwood
 <da:thumb id="385572996"/>  <da:thumb id="387815329"/>  The Last Ball by NervousReality Royal blood by TaniaART 
 Night Snow by Miss-deviantE Dancing With The Light by NTGreen Don't Leave Me! by apelaths Victoriana (study) by Silberius Woop! Alien Colored by die-BeckX
 Veroni by naradjou14 Purity by illutracey Gaia's Creation by theWitchofGrich  Calling the Dead by itznikki530 
I Must Stay Strong by yamiinsane  Dark Magic by msfowle  The Last Ball by NervousReality  Caught. by erimu  Lady of dreams by Soulgraphica
Victoriana Contest Entry by XIStormIX Pink Beauty by tylockwood Chased by Anarielhime  Lady On The Prairie by Sun-Bliss
<da:thumb id="385572996"/>  Woop! Alien LineArt by die-BeckX Lady of Sorrows by AndyGarcia666  Nox et Solitudo by sineddine  Tree Of Victory by Sun-Bliss
Victoriana Final by geoxkafred  0ld Times by kclemas  Beauties by Slusty  
Victoriana. by neilfabro  Victoriana by MBHenriksen  Desperation by lorenzArts  Dolphin Whisperer with Wattle in Her Hair (update) by itznikki530  Maybe in  another time by designdiva3  And I'm hungry like the wolf by DrinkingMidnightWine
The Heir of Pendragon by theWitchofGrich  Jessica Truscott by LordNicax

Peace & Prosper
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PadmaPhala Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013
wow... it is there. but the vote page is simply... you just pre-select them?
NTGreen Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi again :D
This is not an entry but I did a WIP flash presentation for my image ... it is here ... small warning the file is a bit large :shrug: ... couldn't seem to get any smaller and still get the some quality (even at 11MB it is a bit pixelated on the transitions???! :tighthug:
ibclare Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013
Hi Jessica. I put in my link last week, but it must have gotten lost in the overwhelming numbers of us last minute entries! Thank you :happybounce:
samspade-uk Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013
Did I make it in time?…
debzdezigns-lamb68 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I may be too late, but I did one too--lovely image to work with!

faestock Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Professional Photographer
not too late at all :)
debzdezigns-lamb68 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh good! :dance:
KateBloomfield Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Hey I posted my link a few days ago but it hasnt been included yet.
faestock Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Professional Photographer
I am adding them all now :)
Jezzy-Art Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A lot of people's has not been included yet, unfortunately. :/
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